Pablo Reinoso

Tuscan Meanders

24 september 2023 — 31 July 2024


Titled “Tuscan Meanders”, Pablo Reinoso’s exhibition at La Tinaia brings together a selection of the artist’s most emblematic works, chosen to create a dialogue with this special place surrounded by beautiful, typically Tuscan countryside, as well as new in-situ works conceived specifically for the Palazzo Al Bosco estate.

Tracing his creative output over the last twenty years, this body of work unfolds in dialogue with the surrounding architectural and natural landscape, as part of an exploration of the issues that lie at the heart of the artist’s thinking: the relationship between object, function and material, our relationship with the living, and the link between the works and the spaces in which they exist.

The Meanders invoked here are foremost those formed by the lines of wood that make up the artist’s works, which meet and intertwine, tipping the objects they conceal into other territories. In his sculptures, chairs, benches, picture frames and even tools are freed from their function, following a growth impulse that overturns their structure and meaning.



Pablo Reinoso (born in Buenos Aires in 1955) is a multidisciplinary artist who has lived in Paris since 1978. Since the 1970s, he has been developing a protean body of work that spans the fields of sculpture, installation, design, architecture, and painting.

His thinking on the notions of object and functionality is at the heart of his artistic research. Using raw building materials or objects from architecture and design, his works seek to emancipate the object or material from its original function, often through a process of subversion. From the 2000s onwards, these questions took on a more concrete form in his work on the object of the seat, which runs through his artistic production of the time, notably in the “Thonet”, “Spaghetti Bench” and “Garabatos” series.

Since the 1990s, Pablo Reinoso has also been developing work in a new medium: air, which is central to his series known as the “Breathing Works”. Made from fabric and electric fans, these works inflate and deflate, in reference to the unconscious but universal act of breathing. Somewhere between sculpture and architecture, these installations question our relationship with time and with the living world, evoking the interdependence between natural and artificial elements, and the exchanges on which all forms of life depend.

The relationship with space is also at the heart of Pablo Reinoso’s work. Often created in situ, his works maintain a deep connection with the places in which they are set, questioning our way of being in space, in terms of both perception and use. Anchored in public spaces and often monumental, these works have a social purpose by their very nature; within urban and natural environments, they encourage interaction between users, creating new opportunities for exchange, conversation, and encounters. Over the last few years, the artist has completed a number of large-scale projects in prestigious public places, including Lyon (“Nouages”, 2013), the Palais de l’Elysée (“Racines de France”, 2016), London (“We Watch You Too” and “Only Children’s Bench”, 2016), Buenos Aires (“Aires de Buenos Aires”, 2019) and South Korea (“Busan Infinity Line”, 2019).

Pablo Reinoso is sensitive to the issues of our time, particularly the climate crisis, and has explored these issues in his recent works, questioning the balances that govern human and natural ecosystems. Among his iconic works, the “Spaghetti Benches”, the “Frames” and the “Garabatos” are above all a tribute to plant intelligence, to the arrangements it adopts in order to perpetuate its growth. Since 2020, the artist has also been developing a body of paintings that allow him to pursue his formal and conceptual thinking with fresh impetus.

Pablo Reinoso’s work has been exposed in international institutions and in the context of large-scale artistic events, including the City of Paris Museum of Modern Art, the Centre Georges Pompidou, the Château de Chambord, the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, the Boghossian Foundation in Bruxelles, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, the MUDAC in Lausanne, the CID - Centre of innovation and design at the Grand-Hornu, the Venice Biennale, the FIAC Hors-les-murs, the Bienalsur and AGORA, the Biennale of Bordeaux. His works are part of the collections of the MALBA and the Buenos Aires Modern Art Museum, the Fonds national d’art contemporain in Paris, the São Paulo Museum of Modern ARt, the MACRO Rosario and the MUSAC in Spain.

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